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Hand Drawn Pet Portraits by Andrea Beveridge

Bright Paws is delighted to highly recommend the work of Andrea Beveridge. Andrea is a talented artist who creates the most amazing drawings of your beloved pet, capturing their beauty and personality perfectly.

Yoda by AndreaTess by AndreaIn our very busy lives, we are sometimes lucky enough to own the pet of a lifetime, that constant companion you just cannot imagine being without.  To ensure that the precious memories of your life together are not lost in amongst piles of boxed photographs, why not have a beautiful hand drawn pet portrait created?   If you are looking for a gift for a loved one or a unique piece of artwork for yourself, then look no further.  My drawings are executed in classic graphite; each pencil stroke captures the finest of details, ensuring an elaborate life-like treasured keepsake is created.   My own unique style of drawing guarantees you a truly unique piece of artwork that will stand out in your home, and will keep the spirit of your beloved pet with you always.

Please bear in mind when commissioning a portrait that pricing a drawing is not an exact science. Every drawing is unique, and may require more or less work depending on the desired contents.  For this reason please feel free to contact me with any enquiries and to discuss your ideas.  Once I better understand what it is that you would like I will be able to quote you an exact price (it’s worth doing as it may be less than you think!).  For an idea of pricing and commissioning guidelines please visit my website where more information is available.  Previous examples and comparisons of my work can also be found there.

Questions and queries of any form are most welcome, please feel free to email me at andreajackalleg@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer you.

Andrea Beveridge

You can visit Andrea’s website:  http://andreajackelleg.com/category/pet-portraits-by-andrea-beveridge/

(c) Andrea Beveridge 2012. Images used by Bright Paws with artists permission, subject to copyright, not to be copied without the artists express permission