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Canine Massage Therapy

Myotherapy or Massage is a non invasive treatment that targets the muscles and increases movement and flexibility.

Massage is suitable for a number of injuries, conditions and circumstances. We specialise in the following:

  • Arthritis: helping dogs with arthritis gain more mobility and comfort
  • Hip Dysplacia and Elbow Dysplacia: This often causes tension and muscle damage as a result of the dog over compensating, we regularly work with dogs who suffer from these conditions to help them keep mobile and increase their comfort levels.
  • Show Dogs: ensuring muscle health to increase movement in the show ring. We can help dogs stand straighter, move smoother and erradicate rolling or limb flicking.
  • Canine Athletes such as agility, flyball or working dogs: helping to ensure dogs are properly warmed up and cooled down to prevent injury as well as working with muscle strain and tension to increase performance and recovery.

We work under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1996) and therefore all massages are subject to written veterinary consent. We will obtain this on your behalf or we can provide the necessary documentation to enable you to obtain this yoruself. We will continue to liaise with your vet to ensure your dog gets the best care possible from us.

Your first appointment will last around an hour and a half and includes a full initial consultation, a chance for your dog to get to know our therapist and experience massage. During this appointment I will discuss with you how massage will specifically help your dog, agree a treatment plan and explain how you can continue at home. Subsequent appointments are approximately 45 minutes.

On average your dog will require 2 – 3 treatments for specific injuries and our clients typically ask us to work with their dog around once a month for ongoing conditions such as arthritis.

We charge £45 for the initial consultation.

Further consultations are charged at £40 and can be block booked 3 for £99.

We can also work with agility teams and attend competitions with the team to conduct course side warm up and cool down treatments. Prices are available on request and are dependant on location and number of dogs. We can also arrange a seminar for agility clubs including a live demonstration on how to warm up and cool down your dog.