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121 Behaviour & Training

The relationship between human and casino 2020 is a special bond of trust and love. We work with you to understand your dog and therefore to help you understand how to change any unwanted behaviours so you can be happy together.

We do not subscribe to the pack leader and dominance school of thought which creates only short term results. Instead we work on helping you and your dog communicate better so behaviour is changed forever.

We bring a unique blend of hands on experience, professional qualifications and communication skills to work with you to create the relationship you want.

We work with all common behavioural problems including:

  • Lead pulling
  • Toileting problems
  • Problem barking
  • Destruction
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Aggression

All our methods are kind and gentle, we work with the cause of the problem not just the symptoms.

We have a number of packages available:

Behaviour Assessment and Modification Package

We offer a high quality and high level of support through our behaviour packages. Our core product is our behaviour assessment and modification consultation. This is an indepth assessment and modification package, its primary aim being to fully understand the behavioural problem and work with you to create a long term change in behaviour.

The package includes:

  • An initial 30 minute phone consultation, during this we will comduct an initial assessment and agree the best course of action for the face to face element. For example where we are working with a dog who is showing signs of aggression towards other dogs on walks we will arrange to meet in a outdoor location and often will arrange to bring one of our own dogs to work with.
  • A 60 minute face to face appointment which include a full assessment of your dog and how you are currently managing that behaviour, we will then fully explain WHY it is happening and HOW to change that behaviour. You will leave the appointment with a clear set of actions to work on with your dog to resolve that behaviour.
  • A personal, bespoke action plan summarising our appointment with practical activities to work on with your dog.
  • A follow up phone consultation approximately 2 weeks later to review your progress.

This package is priced at £55.

Additional 1 hour appointments to further support are available at £40 each or can be block booked 3 for £99.

 Phone Consultation

There is no replacement for a face to face assessment however we do offer phone based consultations and seminars to support our customers. They typically last 30 minutes and are an opportunity for customers to have a conversation with a trained behaviourist, often linked to a change in circumstance such as having a baby and how to prepare your dog for this. During these consultations we are offering general advice and where appropriate we will refer you to a behaviourist in your local area.

Phone consultations are charged at £12 for 30 minutes.